Tok Pan Tok

Tok Pan Tok was formed in 1993 to perform and research world and original music, with a focus on the traditions of countries where the pan flute is still a living force. Over the years the group has comprised some great musicians, including Peter Keelan, Simon Nield, Tim Chambers, Subhan, Russell Wilson, Richie Glasgow, Bob Thompson, Paul Tanner, Kerry Fletcher, Alain Thirion, Josh Hogan, Kelly Bennett, Sue Hall, Jem, Zebbity, Clayton Chipper, Chad Hedley, Andrew Mackay-Sim, Leigh Caddy, Jeya Ponnutharai, Russell Burrows, Paul Barrett, Dave Hyams and Sally Maer.

Some of the highlights of the group's activities include:-

Tok Pan Tok has the following recording credits:

Perth ABC Radio1990: live to air performance
Ma Fren1993: original world music CD
Eyes Of A Child2001: original world music CD