Peter Keelan - Music Charts - Can't See The Light

Can't See The Light  (Nield, Keelan)

Malawian man
From across the border
Amaj 7 + 9
Not so long ago

Dmaj 7 + 9
Rains don't come
The land drys up
The well caved in
Two women died
Just passed on by
Eight friends, the culture group died
Just passed on by

So eat your fill
We have so much goodwill
Please come and share
The offer is there


'Hey Basket
I hear what you say
E	D9	E	D9	E	D
Just trust me
I'm looking your way
Bm	A	D9
I feel your pain
See you plight
But I just can't see the light

And I cry......cry......cry..........
I cant see the light

So he finds
A set of pan tubes
In his earthen house

And he blows and he remembers
Old friends who have passed
And how they didn't
Have the energy to take
The United Nations maize meal handouts

And so I leave
And give to him
My eqivalent
Manna or sin

Bm	A	D9

He praises the gods
A tear in his eye
His whole body's shaking
Time at his side

And my hand reaches helpless
To my brother of Pan
And our smiles say so much more
Than we will ever understand

One year later
Charles Chibwana writes
How are you by this time
Including your wife
Sad news for you
And be informed
Mr Basket is no more, is no more
Just passed on by

Amaj 7 + 9	G6	F3min 7	Bm