Brick Venereal Disease  (Nield, Keelan)

Intro:  (Em   C7) x 4

Verse 1(same as intro)
Just got home with a knife in the neck
Physical, mental, spiritual wreck
Only hope is drop in a chair
Change gear and lose the despair

Verse 2
A   C
No need to think
Take me to the brink
Remote control in hand
A   A7sus4
Safe in TV land

D   G/B  C9

Whats my disease
under house and keys
Brick red faces care
Am  D
Suburban brick veneer disease

Verse 3
Just oil for the wheel
Can't make out what is real
Relinquishing my ear
Chase life from the rear

Verse 4
May be some relief
If I'm lifted by belief
Send a line to the big chief
And wait for the day


Bm6  Am7sus4  G  C9  Bb6  C9

Am D
Suburban mall disease
Am  D
Cut down all the trees
Am  D
Chasing symmetry
Am  D  G  G/B  C9
Too much sanity

Chorus x 2
End with G