The Forgotten Song  (Nield, Keelan)

A		F#m		Bm7		E x 4		
D		Bm7		E		C#m7

D		Bm7		E		D / Ebass

F#m7		G#m7		F#m7		G3m7

F#m7 		G#m7		A	B	A

Its the forgotten song
The only one
Not yet written
Just whistled or hummed
My peace of mind
Like a visiting friend
Sure to come again

Its the forgotten song
Standing alone
And shining over
These days of gold
The rivers of wind
Appear as a leaf
Falling unseen

its the forgotten song
Forever one
Feigning and flowing
And never wrong
Eternal friend
Now but never then
Elusive to paper and pen