Plank For A Hat  (Williams, Keelan)


Plastic bag gloves
Frozen tooth smile
Boots for brakes
And miles `n' miles

Plank for a hat
A mountain track, half
Dollar a day
No other way

Loaded with fuels
Buckling knees
Will of a mule
Can't bare to see

Boy with a stick
And thin as it
Herd of cows
Hours `n' hours

Melody Chords

G  Em  C  D x 2

G  C  Em  D

G  Em  C  D  F

Tin can drums
Voice that melts
Blind as a bat
Coins in his hat

Cigarette sale
Just that one
Ten cent price
Survival so tight

Mbira man
Comes to share
Spirits that say
AIDS has its way

I pass on by
Looking around
Eyes of a child
Disturbing ride