DrumSong Concert
Tok Pan Tok as part of the DrumSong Concert at the Fly By Night Club
 When:20 July 2001
 Where: Fly By Night Club
 Details: We play at 9pm....will be a great night

Tok Pan Tok @ Kulcha
An evening of original w orld music.....relax by the virtual fires at Kulcha, free yourself of the televi sion tie down straps, come enter the real world of live and original music...Sub han(vocals), Simon Nield(guit and vocals), Paul Barrett(steaming percussion fing ers), Dave Hyams(bass and guit), Peter Keelan(all things uncommon)
 When:10 August
 Where: Kulcha, 1st Floor, 13 South Terrace Frema ntle,Perth, Australia
 Details: Music starts 8.30 Cost : $12, $10 ,$8

Mundaring Folk and Blues Club
Tok Pan Tok, special guests on this wonderful night of music.
 When:8.00pm on the 17 August 2001
 Where: Mundaring Sports Club, Coolgardie Street, Mundaring
 Details: Bar and snacks available

Little Creatures Residency
Tok Pan Tok play live at Little Creatures in Fremantle....down near Ciccerlos fish and chips megalopolous, on the wharf....come have a drink and a listen in this unique venue(theyre supporting original and unusual music!)
 When:3.30pm - 6.30pm on 12th and 19th August 2001
 Where: Little Creatures, Fremantle Wharf area
 Details: Free!

World Music Gigs @ Kulcha
ABC Radio records Tok Pan Tok, Marcus Sturrock, Ojemba, Macedonian Gypsy Band live at Kulcha
 When:Friday 14 September 2001
 Where: Kulcha in Fremantle

Tok Tour
Tok Pan Tok tour to South West. Friday in Pemberton. Saturday Night at Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany Sunday in Denmark Monday back to Freo at the Fremantle Arts Centre
 When:Starting 28th September - 1 October

Tok CD Launch Tour
Tok Pan Tok on tour.....south to Pemberton(Fri 29th at Gloucester Ridge Winery, 7pm.....then to Albany on 30th, at Vancouver Arts Centre at 8pm....then on Sunday 30th at 7.30pm at Denmark Civic Centre.
 When:29, 30 and 31 September 2001
 Where: Pemberton, Albany , Denmark
 Details: Original world folk blues music.....a CD launch tour, with the wonderful vocals of Subhan, unique guitars of Simon Nield and Dave Hyams, pulsating percussion with Paul Barrett, and the haunting sounds of the pan pipe with Peter Keelan

Town of Vincent Festival
Come see us....hooray....5pm
 When:18 November 2001
 Where: Hyde Park, North Perth

Mal Webb, Tok Pan Tok @ Uglieland - Festival Fremantle
Caberet night at the Uglieland marquee, next to Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, in Fremantle(across from the train station)
 When:Saturday 17 November 9pm

The Final Big Gig...Tok Pan Tok and Freo Samba
Freo Samba CD launch and Tok Pan Tok final gig before PK departs for Bolivia
 When:7 December 2001
 Where: Fly By Night Club
 Details: A wild mix of TPT original music....lots of new dance music, combining with the pulsatinng rhythms of Freo Samba.

Stirling Gardens
Free outdoor concert sponsored by the City of Perth
 When:12.15 -2.15pm
 Where: Stirling Gardens, Perth
 Details: Tok Pan Tok live and original music!!!

Tok Pan Tok at the Oz Concert
The fantastic Oz Concert and the music of Tok Pan Tok....amongst many other wonderful groups.
 Where: Entertainment Centre
 Details: Tok Pan Tok new collaborations with different cultural groups as part of the Oz Concert.

Fremantle Arts Centre
Tok Pan Tok at the free outdoor concert at the Fremantle Arts Centre.
 When:17 February 2002
 Where: Fremantle Arts Centre
 Details: Tok Pan Tok live and original world music.

Tok Pan Tok with Warogus
Collaboration between exciting Indonesian/Australian percussive based band, Warogus and Tok Pan Tok.
 When:Saturday 2nd February 2002 at 8pm
 Where: Kulcha, above Dome coffee shop .......Fremantle.
 Details: Tok Pan Tok live and original music!!!

Nannup Music Festival
Tok Pan Tok times are as follows:- Saturday 10.50pm at Town Hall Sunday 6pm at Town Hall and 10.10pm at Holberry House
 Where: Nannup, WA

Fairbridge Festival
Tok Pan Tok performance times/venues are:- Friday 3pm at Kids Tent and 7.10pm at Dining Room Saturday 12.30pm at Riverside Stage Sunday 10am at Marquee
 When:25, 26,27 April
 Where: Fairbridge Farm, near Pinjarra (an hour drive from Perth) WA
 Details: http://www.fairbridgefestival.com

TOK PAN TOK Performance Dates
We welcome our new and exciting drummer Russell Wilson to the Tok lineup and hope that the envigorating sound appeals to all our old listeners
 Where: Performances are as follows for the next few months
 Details: 5 Jan Russell Square
11 Jan Kulcha 20th Anniversary celebrations
25 and 27 Jan Down South Festival
9 Feb 2-4pm at Fremantle Arts Centre
16 Feb 6-8.30pm at Guildford Hotel
22 Feb 6-7.20pm at Araluen
1 and 2 March at Nannup Folk Festival
25 April at Fairbridge Festival

....see you there!!

Tok Pan Tok at the Denmark Easter market day
 When:April 7, 2007 all day
 Where: Denmark Market: Berridge Park down by the river

World music event
Tok Pan Tok in collaboration with Narasirato Pan Pipers (Solomon Islands), Joe Williams (Noongyar elder and didgeridoo player) and dancers, artists Dwayne Peppin and Cecile Williams, Dave Nile, Andre Steyl and the Denmark community
 When:April 8, 2007
 Where: Denmark Civic Centre, Western Australia

Tok Pan Tok at Fairbridge
 When:April 14, 2007 at 4.50pm
 Where: Fairbridge Festival dining room - Pinjarra, Western Australia

Tok Pan Tok and Narasirato at Fairbridge
Tok Pan Tok in collaboration with the Narasirato Pan Pipers from the Solomon Islands
 When:April 15, 2007 at 2.00pm
 Where: Fairbridge Festival main marquee - Pinjarra, Western Australia

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